SNAP UP BERM 16 x 16 x 1'

Snap up berms are some of the most versatile berms on the market. They are set up in minutes with the capacity to lower the walls for easy access into the berm. Simply slide each stay into the appropriate placeholder and the berm is ready to contain any free flowing liquid. Each metal stay is welded to the berm to prevent them from being lost, making snap up berms an ideal choice for applications where the berm needs to be relocated frequently. Snap up berms are available in a number of different sizes. Use smaller sizes to contain IBCs, 55 gallon drums and other containers. Medium sizes are great for medium sized equipment, small vehicles, and machinery. Use large sized berms for military vehicles, freight trucks, large equipment, and bulk storage of drums or equipment.

SNAP UP BERM 16 x 16 x 1'

SKU: M-16161
    • Sidewalls easily lay flat allowing vehicles to drive into the berm.
    • Liquid tested and reviewed for leaks.
    • Berms are made to be stored without taking up a ton of space. They will fold into a space a fraction of its size.
    • Stays are welded to the berm itself to prevent them from being lost; no loose parts.
    • Cold rated to -34°C/-30°F


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  • Unit weight 113 lbs./51 kg
    Unit dimensions 16 x 16 x 1' (L X W X H)
    Qty. per package 1
    Spill capacity 7,245 L/1,914 gal.
    Material Reinforced Geomembrane
    Ratings, certifications, & approvals EPA, SPCC, NPDES





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