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This privacy policy applies to anyone visiting our website "". It is intended to inform you, "your", the "user" or "users", visiting our website of how we obtain your information, why we obtain your information, and what we use your information for. This privacy policy also applies to information gathered by employees.


Our website is designed for two primary users. A "public" user and a "registered" user. A public user is anyone visiting our website. A registered user is a public user who visits our website and then signs up for an account. We can collect emails from both users upon users either signing up via an "email subscribe box" or by a user "checking" a subscribe box found in various points within the site such as the order confirmation page. We also obtain a public users email when they sign up to be a registered user. Other information that we may collect from users include name, phone number, credit card information, order history, and address. For both public and registered users we can obtain this information when when you complete an order at checkout. Additionally we can gather this information when registered users opt to save credit cards and addresses in their personal account. Information is also obtained through employee-customer information gathering such as phone surveys. We may also obtain your browsing history within our website through services such as google analytics. Google uses cookies to collect this data.


All information that we collect and store is used to improve and add convenience to your experience on our site. Credit card information and addresses are stored for registered users so that they can be readily available to you during the checkout process, meaning that you do not have to enter the information multiple times. Email addresses are stored for registered users in case they forget their sign in information. We can send a reset password to the email on file. Emails are also collected from both users so that we can inform you, via email, of deals and offers that we believe would interest you or be of benefit to you. Order history is collected so that we can have an overview of the products that you utilize most and in turn, send you emails that are more relevant and/or closely related to you and your business. We collect information such as your browsing history from services such as Google analytics to identify popular trends so that we can use them for marketing purposes.



We collect information to improve website functionality, improve the user experience and better our marketing efforts. The privacy of our users' information is our top priority. If you have any questions in regard to the information that we collect, or if you wish to have your information deleted please contact us. For your convenience, all marketing emails come with an "unsubscribe" option should you wish to opt out of the MEI mail list.


For more information on Google Analytics and cookies. Please read Google's privacy policy here.

For more information on email marketing please refer to the "email marketing" section within our terms & conditions PDF found here.

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