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Many times, organizations make the mistake of believing that as long as they have adequate absorbent products on hand, they are in compliance with provincial rules & regulations. However, absorbent products are just one tool that will keep you in compliance. Having a good, sound secondary containment system in place will ensure that your work area is in true, full compliance. For example, ensuring that your drums are on top of a spill pallet that has the capability to contain the drums  entire liquid capacity in the event of a leak or rupture. The trick is to prepare for a spill before it happens so that you aren't rushing for absorbent pads as a liquid spill enters a sensitive working environment and instead, automatically contain the spill, worry free, and then dispose of it accordingly.


MEI can supply many secondary containment options in different forms suitable for virtually any type of environment. We also have a team of experts that are well versed in all areas of provincial rules and regulations pertaining to spill control and prevention. We can assist in making recommendations and putting together a well thought out secondary containment system for your facility.  Organizations have avoided substantial penalties and fines by thinking ahead and having a compliant secondary containment plan in place.

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