Maillot Enterprises Inc. (MEI) specializes in spill control and prevention; bringing you products and services that keep everyone safe and the environment that they work within clean and free from leak, drip, and spill contamination. Whether it be general maintenance or a secondary containment program, we work with you in putting together a plan that will increase efficiency in regard to the tasks that you and your team already carry out on a daily basis. MEI strives to continually provide you with as much value as we possible can in the form of a hightened level of customer service, insightful recommendations, and an all around better way of practicing the important and inevitable tasks of employee safety and facility hygiene. 

Through products like our truck spill kit and services such as our vendor managed inventory (VMI) system, MEI is proud to have contributed to the spill response and safety programs of companies within construction, aviation, hospitality, government, transportation, marine, and more. 


Our commitment is to supply products and services that directly contribute to employee safety and further environmental improvement. Certain government bodies, such as Transport Canada, require businesses to have proper plans and procedures in place in relation to spill control and prevention. Aside from environmental disaster, Leaks, drips, and spills create slippery floors and clutter work areas with obsolete cleaning tools. They cause slips, trips, and falls which are a leading cause of injury and disability. With this in mind, we constantly develop and bring to market products that offer you and your business unique and effective ways of eliminating spills, leaks, and drips entirely. The implementation of these products leads to a clean and professional working environment. This is followed by a drastic decrease in the legal and safety risks associated to the hazards that come with liquid contamination.


We believe in and understand the importance of sustainability in regard to the environment and our business model. MEI is committed to reducing our carbon foot print and contributing to a greener future by carrying out the following:

  • Working with vendors who share our visions and goals in supporting business practices that are aimed towards environmental sustainability.

  • Purchasing locally when possible to support local businesses.

  • Reducing our paper consumption by converting to electronic practices where possible.

  • Utilizing smaller, internal pick up trucks when possible to pick up shipments/deliver orders. This eliminates the need for large freight trucks and effectively reduces the pollution that they cause.

  • Making a conscious effort to implement recycling practices in our day to day operations.

  • Routinely analyzing our daily operations, specifically purchasing, packaging, and shipping, to see where we can improve in relation to the environment.

  • Eliminating single use plastic from our operations.

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