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Updated: Apr 11, 2022

We have a sorbent for you! MEI has simplified things and brought to market 3 different types of sorbent pads & rolls to cover all the bases. These 3 different models will collectively help you in quickly identifying the proper sorbent pads/rolls to equip yourself in tackling a wide range of tasks pertaining to spill control & prevention.

Information on the Absorbent "grade".

Information on the absorbent "spill type"/"colour".


As this is being typed, our General Absorbents are being used in the operations of thousands of organizations and for good reason, these absorbents are a great all around option; they do everything well, from cleaning up leaks and drips in a warehouse to skimming oil off a creek. If you're looking for something to simply tick all the boxes and keep you in compliance, then these sorbents are for you. We refer to these as our entry level sorbents because they are a great starting point if you are unsure of what sorbent pad/roll to use. Starting with these sorbents, you might find that they fit bill and are perfect for your day-to-day operations. Or, you might find that you need more absorbency or less lint. In this case, from here you can move on to one of our other two options (discussed below). Our spill kits are also standardized to include General Absorbents. In order to decrease the amount of lint on these sorbents, as well as add strength and durability, General Absorbents are run through a bonder.

We recommend General Absorbents for basic spill control & prevention tasks that don't require specialized features. This includes cleaning up small spills, leaks, and drips, and skimming small spills off small bodies of water. Additionally, professionals that require sorbents for compliance on site where the risk of large spill does not exist (they may only need to handle minor applications pertaining to spill control & prevention) typically keep General Absorbents on-hand. Also, those that are unsure of what kind of sorbents will work best for them should use General Absorbents as a base line to further assess their needs in order to make informed decisions as to which sorbents they should use going forward.

Recommendation Points

  • Good all around option that does everything well; a "go-to" product

  • Great as a starting sorbent for those that are not quite sure which sorbent is ideal for their operation

  • Great for small spill control & prevention tasks and for site compliance where the risk of a large spill is not present

  • For sites that have the occasional leaky machine, basic wiping applications, or small water oil-skimming tasks

Available in the following grades/weights: Light, Medium, Heavy

Available in the following colours/spill types: Universal (grey), Oil-Only (white), Hazmat (yellow)


Our Lintless line of sorbents are General Absorbents that have had both sides laminated. These sorbents have been manufactured and are specialized for markets where lint is of concern; the lamination renders them completely free of lint. While using these sorbents you'll find that you experience zero lint residue even when the sorbent is saturated. Additionally, the lamination increases the overall strength of the sorbent. As mentioned earlier, Lintless Absorbents are essentially General Absorbents that have had lamination applied to them. However this does not mean that they can perform the same tasks as well and we don't recommend using them interchangeably. Linltess sorbents are unique and are geared primarily for wiping down applications as the lamination offers great benefits pertaining to lint control. However, it comes with its trade offs. For example, versus General Absorbents, Lintless Absorbents are not ideal for actually throwing down on a spill as the lamination does decrease the absorbency rate of the sorbent. Additionally, the lamination makes the sorbent somewhat slippery and they will not grip onto a surface. This could cause a potential slip hazard. For this reason we do not recommend using Lintless sorbents for ground applications such as using them as floor mats.

We recommend Lintless Absorbents for specialized wiping down applications where lint is of concern. This includes greasy shop bench tasks, wiping down oily machine parts/tools, and industrial kitchen applications. The lamination also increases durability and strength adding to this sorbents likeability as a tool to wipe down objects; the sorbent will not rip as easily should it get snagged on sharp edges or metal shavings.

Recommendation Points

  • Fantastic sorbent for wiping applications

  • Zero lint residue, Ideal for applications where lint is of concern

  • Lamination increases sorbent strength and it won't rip if it gets snagged while wiping down a work bench, machine, etc.

  • Not recommended for ground/flooring applications such as use as a floor mat

  • Lamination decreases absorbency, not recommended for other spill control & prevention tasks (wiping applications only)

Available in the following grades/weights: Medium, Heavy

Available in the following colours/spill types: Universal (grey), Oil-Only (white)


Our Xtra Absorbency™ line is our gold standard when it comes to pads and rolls. Manufactured to be extra thick,

these sorbents will absorb gallons of oil easily and rapidly. If you find yourself and your team using countless bales of sorbent pads on a daily basis, you'll save a lot of time and money with Xtra Absorbency absorbents. They are heavier then even the "heavy" weight absorbents that people have come to known and absorb twice as much as the industry standard absorbent pad! You will find that a task that typically takes 5 regular absorbent pads will only require 1 Xtra Absorbency pad. A typical heavy weight pad is 3 or 4 millimeters in width (depending on the company and what they classify as heavy) whereas Xtra Absorbency pads are 7 millimeters in width. You won't even make a dent in these pads when cleaning up leaks and drips. In order to strike a balance between Lintless and General Absorbents, we have these sorbents run through a bonder 3x which eliminates more lint then our General Absorbents while still ensuring they can still tend to every and every task versus our Lintless absorbents which are not recommended for floor/ground applications due to the slippery nature of the lamination. Between the multiple runs through the bonder and their extra thick construction, the common issue of pads failing and ripping will be a thing of the past, even on rough terrain.

We recommend our Xtra Absorbency line for those looking to get more out of each bale/roll of sorbents. The overall construction of the sorbent will offer you and your team an unparalleled way of tending to spill control & prevention. A must have for sites where the potential of a large spill is present, or for sites that find that go through tons of sorbents and find that their orders of sorbent pads from the purchasing team are not taking them very far. Because of their extraordinary absorption capacity, in their universal (grey) form Xtra Absorbency sorbents are very popular for water absorbing applications.

Recommendation Points

  • Extra thick and high absorbency

  • For easy and effortless clean up of leaks, drips, and spills

  • Absorbs twice as much as the industry standard

  • These sorbents are for you if you want to complete your every day applications using less pads and less effort

  • In universal, highly effective for absorbing and cleaning up water spills

  • No limitat