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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Imagine being a delivery driver or driving your work truck on a job site when suddenly you rupture a brake line or realize an engine leak. You'll most likely get out of the vehicle and assess the damage but what do you do when fluid is leaking out into the surrounding environment and flowing into nearby storm drains? This is where MEI spill kits come in. Small and made to take up as little space as possible, they are easily deployed and allow you the means to take care of the spill fast and effortlessly. They will also make sure your bases are covered concerning government-enforced rules and regulations in regard to the prevention of environmental contamination, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in fines.

Although most spills that happen while on the road are accidental, the operator of a vehicle is personally responsible for complying with local laws and regulations regarding spills in order to protect the environment from contamination. Fleet managers are responsible for providing the operators with the necessary tools/equipment to clean up a spill should one happen on the road.

In British Columbia, A spill contingency planning regulation is in place under the British Columbia Environmental Management Act (EMA). Required is a list of the equipment intended to be used in responding to and cleaning up a spill should one occur. How do you currently ensure that you and/or your drivers are prepared to meet this required plan? By having a spill kit in your truck(s), you can be sure to adhere to this requirement.

MEI is also able to further help you prepare your plan through our secondary containment options and training programs. Contact us for more information.

Not Just for Land Vehicles

Operate a marine vessel? Our spill kits can be switched to include oil-only absorbents. These absorbents will float and repel water while effectively absorbing oil off of it.